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That is the discuss page for discussing improvements to the Omaha Beach article. ^ Balkoski, Joseph (1989), Beyond the Beachhead: The twenty ninth Infantry Division in Normandy, Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, PA, p. sixty one, sixty three. 58 Many groups were leaderless and witnesses to the destiny of neighboring troops and landings coming in round them.

Opposing the landings was the German 352nd Infantry Division Of the 12,020 men of the division, 6,800 have been experienced fight troops, detailed to defend a 53-kilometer (33 mi) front. One other 32 yards (30 m) shoreward of this line was a continuous line of 450 ramps sloping towards the shore, additionally with mines attached and designed to power flat-bottomed landing craft to journey up and both flip or detonate the mine.

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D-Dayault map of the Normandy region and the north-western coast of France. Along with the infantry touchdown within the second wave, supporting arms started to arrive, assembly the same chaos and destruction as had the rifle corporations. The defenses were unexpectedly strong, and inflicted heavy casualties on landing US troops.

The preliminaryault waves, consisting of tanks , infantry , and fight engineer forces, were carefully planned to cut back the coastal defenses and permit the larger ships of the comply with-up waves to land. On D-Day, the untested twenty ninth Infantry Division , joined by the veteran 1st Infantry Division and nine corporations of U.S. Military Rangers redirected from Pointe du Hoc , had been toault the western half of the beach.

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Wounded males on the beach have been drowning in the incoming tide and incoming touchdown craft were being pounded and set ablaze. Below heavy hearth, the engineers struggled to clear the beach obstacles; later landings bunched up across the few channels that were cleared.

“Omaha Beachhead” Historical Division, War Division. An officer observes Omaha as his touchdown craft approaches the Norman coast. Weakened by the casualties taken just in landing, the survivingault troops couldn’t clear the closely defended exits off the beach.

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